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Get your brain on gratitude waves!

Transcend the fear and move in gratitude.

Thank you. Merci!

It’s a phrase we are told to say when someone hands you something or holds the door for you.

But when do we simply take the time to realize... all the gifts, experiences and materials we have and thank the Universe for providing them?

This is gratitude.

I can’t begin to emphasize enough how gratitude can truly transform a life.

Negative Nancy.

See, our minds are programmed to keep us alive! Our brain is prone to stay vigilantly fearful in order to protect us from harm’s way. But this hyper-alertness can become too constant even though we are not in any real danger.

The funny thing is that this sense of alertness actually knows how to come up when it’s needed. It does not have to be playing 24/7. What we need is to deliver to our subconscious mind this message... what we do have is not only safe but welcomed and enabling us to experience a positive wave.

When you practice gratitude, you are signalling to your mind that YES there are good things currently working for you. The negative Nancy brain starts to quiet down. She listens as you become aware of all the things the Universe has granted you. Soon Nancy is trained into staying in her space so you can have more of a say in what consumes your thoughts!

Gratitude and the Universe

Send the Universe a wave of gratitude.

Gratitude changes your vibe. When you spend time acknowledging what you do have and feeling grateful, you are communicating energetically to the Universe that you want more of what you have. The Universe responds to your gracious energy by sending you more!

In fact, you can manifest experiences and opportunities in your life with gratitude.

Thank the Universe for what you will be given in the future. Feel the thanksgiving in your heart and mind of when something is going to be brought forth to you. Claim it and see it now. Watch the Universe respond to this positive energy!

Gratitude Journal

Designate a gratitude journal for yourself.

The best way to hold yourself accountable to practicing gratitude is to keep a gratitude journal.

Studies show that by keeping a gratitude journal you can experience deeper sleep, a better mood, greater health, and lower levels of stress. Your heart is needing you to practice gratitude!

Find a journal you like and write down what you are thankful for. Is that too easy? Then why aren’t you doing it?

Allowing those words to come off your fingertips is powerful. Make conscious energy to thank your Provider. Life is working out for your good even if you don’t always see it. But we all still need to acknowledge it.

30 Day Challenge

If you need more structure, I challenge you to 30 days of writing 5 things you are grateful for.

Use details when you write. Think about the way something or someone makes you feel...what you have learned and why you are experiencing thanksgiving.

I know for me I quickly move on from things without reflecting. I need to spend time realizing what has happened and acknowledging the power in any good thing that resulted.

Choose one day to write about things that happened in the past. The next day write about what you currently have… a roof? A friend? A job? An awareness? A desire? A glimmer of hope? A bank account? Then the next day write down what you are thankful for that is going to happen. I’m sure you can come up with a lot of things you want to see in that direction! and repeat that 3-day cycle. After 30 days I guarantee your mind will thank you back!

Designed to Thank

We were designed to be thankful. But sometimes our heart needs to be reminded not to simply race in panic but to acknowledge that our precious lives are perfectly designed.

This guy's got it down!

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