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Cut the cord on your parents' negative energy.

Time to break off the chains.

Family bonds are a beautiful and needed aspect of life. But what if the attachment to family, especially your parents is affecting your personal growth?

Growing up, children learn from their parents. They learn how to talk, how to brush their teeth, how to look both ways before they cross the street (hopefully!). But children pick up on much more than the simple necessities of living.

Emotional State Modelling

As you grow, you also model your parents’ emotional states and behaviours without evening realizing it!

“Oh you talk just like your dad” – this statement can be a sweet compliment but can also mean not only the way you talk but the underlying emotions that fuel the words.

Everyone is human. Parents have their own issues and trauma that they experienced growing up. Perhaps they never resolved some of this and transferred that “stuck-in-state” to you.


To move past being a copy-cat, the first step is to simply ask yourself - do I experience feelings that I sometimes don’t know where they come from? Or why? Is there anger that comes out over some of life’s smaller situations? What about sadness or frustration?

There are also positive expressions that you carry from them and those are also good to recognize and honour. By no means is modelling them always problematic. But in order to resolves the feelings that discourage you, it’s essential to understand where their roots may lay.

Spend some time thinking about what your parents went through as they grew up.

Were their parents’ healthy minded and encouraging? Did they go through some difficult life circumstances that affected their ability to manage stress? Contemplate what their emotional states were as they raised you. What reactions and moods did you pick up on that is time to acknowledge and let go of?

I’ve got news for you - you are your own amazing person! You have your own intelligence and intuition that can lead healthy emotions. Start a new pattern of experiencing life and seeing situations in a healthy and holistic way.

Cord Cutting Release

I encourage you to start with an easy “cord cutting” meditation practice that signals to your subconscious mind that you no longer need to carry around the energy of your parents. It’s time to be set free! This practice is inspired from Gabrielle Berstein’s meditation. You can read up on her explanation at: https://gabbybernstein.com/cut-the-cord/.

Meditation is a way of connecting to yourself and prompts mindful transformation.

Close yours and take a deep conscious breath.

Envision one of your parents standing in front of you. See a light that acts like a cord connecting your being energetically to their being.

Now see some type of out-of-this world eternal presence also standing there. This is a higher power or angel. Visualize this angel taking an enormous golden sword and cutting the cord all the way.

See you and your parent fall back as you both are released from your attachment. All of your parent’s energy gets drawn back into them. And all of your energy gets drawn back into your body.

You have your own energy to carry now. They have theirs. Their energy is not affecting you any longer.

Now repeat with your other parent or main care-giver. You can do this exercise with not only the parents who raised you but the ones who weren’t there to support you as well.

Embrace Your Unique Energy

Embrace your own energy.

It’s perfectly healthy to care about your parents and their experiences and feelings. But you are not serving them or yourself by constantly being reminded of their negative energy.

There is new energy – life-transformative, positive and true that is waiting to burst out and carry you to a higher level of being!

The next time you do feel yourself re-experiencing a negative energy from childhood, remind your brain that this cord is cut. There is forgiveness and release. There is hope that the Universe can fully take care of your parents and their energetic needs. You don’t have to carry it.

Fling off the fanny pack and embrace who you were designed to be!

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